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PS3 Linux homebrew software


- distribute my work -

This page is

rerofumi's PS3 Linux work.

There is no warranty for this free software.



Prepare a USB keyboard.
If you do not own a USB keyboard, do not carry it out.
A keyboard is necessary to return from Linux boot mode to game-os.

When there is not a keyboard, you can return to the XMB Playstation3 OS
by system reset (I become system reset when I mention a power mark
at the time of power supply injection more than five seconds),
but screen setting returns to an early stage of state.

Please input it with "kboot:" and displayed time boot-game-os
to return to an XMB Playstation3 OS mode from Linux mode.

kboot: boot-game-os


Partition making became needless with PS3 firm ware 1.60

Release, CD boot ONScripter system.

CD boot lunavader remake and update.


ONScripter pack CD

Feb.11.2007 - first release

ONScripter pack sample scenario 1 sample scenario 2

CD boot linux with ONScripter, for PLAYSTATION3.
ONScripter is Japanese Novel-game system.

When "PS3 ONScripter pack CD" boot and looking scenario in USB memory, ONScripter playing that scenario.

Please connect a USB mouse.

Download :

ISO CD image - (97.5MB, ISO image + README)

License GPL2

seed disk

Jan.06.2007 - CD boot base system from Debian/GNU LInux

Only minimal system, Playstatin3 CD boot linux.
for distribution developer.

Download :

ISO CD image - (50MB, ISO image + README)

License GPL2

CD boot linux for Playstation3 with lunavader

Jan.07.2007 - remake it on the basis of Debian and 576x384pixel size
Dec.25.2006 - test release

linux boot game title

CD boot Linux production experiment for linux homebrwe software distribution.
with "lunavader".

You have to install otheros bootloader in Playstation3.
You cannot install bootloader unless make an other-os partition.
Installation of Linux is needless.
Partition making became needless with PS3 firm ware 1.60.

Please connect a USB mouse.

CD Linux boot movie (macromedia FLASH movie)

Download :

ISO CD image - (80MB, ISO image + README)

License GPL2

My other page

PSPapp/GP2Xapp - other homebrew page

Linux moemoe project /Clover Project - my old works


Open Platform for Playstation3 - PS3 Linux related site of SCE, an installer of a boot loader can download.

developed by rerofumi <>
fumi2kick /Linux moemoe project

PLAYSTATION Network ID: rerofumi